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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Nails Nails Nails


Do you feel more powerful with polished nails? OK...neither do I but a few of you have asked me to do a mini nail polish blog. So I have done a quick BRAND review and SNAPSHOT view after one application of a very random selection from my collection.

Quick BRAND review

Nails Inc - I am impressed with Nails Inc as a whole - their brushes allow the application to be really smooth. The polish consistency is perfectly balanced avoiding splodges, streaks and clumps, which I often fail to do, with other brands. I love the names (jermyn street, montrose palace) which gives them an edge to buying more than just a nail polish. Definitely on the higher end of the pricing scale but I've picked all my collection up, in sales and online.

Barry M - right up my street. There are loads of colours (including the LOUD mint green to softer pastel colorus). I am never disappointed with their collection and love the gold caps! Reasonably priced and always on offer.

Boots No 7 - so far disappointed. The colours always look wonderful but need more than one application to come close to what the bottle shows. I also think the polish consistency is imperfect causing streaks, lumps and just general mess around nail! I'm usually impressed with their make up collection so I have hope this is their own work in progress.

Naturals Collection - fantastic little buys for the price and a bonus they are fair trade compliant. The polish consistencies aren't perfect (can be a bit cloggy) but will do and last fairly long before drying out. They offer a wide variety of colours including some colours that I haven't seen with other ranges.


1) Nails Inc - Drury Lane(Coral)  

This is a beautiful colour and looks really pretty as a  set. It certainly sets a spring/summer mood regardless of the weather.

2) Barry M Nail Paint - Pink, Limited Edition 030

 I am wearing this right now!. It's possibly one of my favourites at the moment as it's not too loud (for the office) but still adds a bit of colour to an outfit and my day!

3) Revlon Deep Pink
A classic colour and definitely a great brand. Application is perfect.

4) Marks and Spencer, Dusty Apricot 

Not a big fan of the application as it can be a bit streaky but
I love the subtle colour and this definitely gets a prize for
having the best name 'dusty apricot' - tick!

5) Barry M - Mint Green 006
  We all have vices and this is mine.Yes it's loud but it's so refreshing...I definitely get looks/shocks of horror when I wear this but my nails my colours!

6) Natural Collection - Topaz

 Simple and sublte, with a slight shimmer. So easy to apply too.

 7) No 7 Totally Teal 115

I am not a fan of this particular polish it comes out quite runny 
and it takes a number of applications before you see a decent colour. 
I was hoping for as rich a green as the bottle colour but no luck.

 8) Nails Inc - Jermyn Street
This is my favourite Nails inc polish to date.
I adore this very unique colour that only NI seem to have perfected.

So what are your favourite nail polishes or do you have a preferred brand?

Thanks for reading

SallySarah x


  1. I *LOVE* that LE Barry M in pink! Was this available quite a while ago? I need it! I'm a nail polish addict - 48 bottles so far (despite having no nails of my own!) I tend to buy a lot of Rimmel and 17 from Boots. I'm going to try a couple from Beauty UK this week - £1.99 each!
    Great post! Will be adding some Barry M colours to my basket too!

  2. I love Jermyn Street, such a lovely colour! xx