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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

What's in my bag


I love reading other people's blogs as to what is in their bag and their favourite items so here are mine (in order of priority).

1) Phone and cute cover
I love my blackberry and would be lost without it. I've recently got this funky cover for it too which although looks of a material texture it's hard plastic which keeps the phone well-protected.

2) Purse  
I was given this as a Christmas present a few years ago and have absolutely loved Radley purses and bags ever since. The leather is so soft and it is a classic piece that I will keep forever. I really want to add to my radley collection (hint hint).

3) Umberella  
I've put this on the list because I have only just bought it and know that it will be put to good use in the UK. I like the pink  polka dot style and it reminds me of some the radley ones even though this is a bargain for £4.50 from tesco!

4)  Notepad
I always carry a pencil and notepad so I can jot anything 
that comes up during my day, which is totally non-work 
related. I bought a load of these beautiful mini leather 
bound notebooks from a market in Delhi for about 80p each. 
I love their feel and anything that brings me back to roaming 
the streetsof Delhi shopping puts me in the right mood for 
my doodles and scribbles.

5) Bodyshop Lip Butter
I absolutely love this bodyshop lip butter and go through it very quickly. 
It's soft creamy and smells of wonderful coconuts. I love the nude effect look it holds by itself and it can add a slinky gloss to any lipstick...without my hair sticking to my lips. Wonderful!

So those are my top 5 items and of course, my Mischa Barton bag I am using at the moment, which my lovely sister bought me for Christmas! I'm still not sick of it, which shows how much I love it!

What's in your bag....???

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