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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Rituals - reviews

Rituals Haul

Following on from a previous Rituals blog (click here to read it), I have received a variety of Rituals products to review. In order to diversify the content of this review, I  have requisitioned the assistance of 2 reliable friends who have no link to the beauty blogging world, which is why I am keen to tap into their thoughts and views and compare them with mine.

Claire aka Chutcherella. 
  • She is in her 20s and originally from Wigan, England. 
  • She has a real flair in the world of make up and fashion. 
  • I've given her the Wu Wei, Organise White Lotus & Green Tea Calming Cream Bath  


  • Denise also known as Denny 
  • She is also in her 20s and is from Ireland
  • She is an Irish rose with a quirky fashion sense
  • I love her cheekbones
  • I've given her the Qi Chinese Mint & Yi Yi Ren stress relief serum
So there they are....if you have tried these products - please let me know what you think. Otherwise, watch this space for their reviews...!

Sallysarah x

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