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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Jewellery Blog Sale (Part 1 - Bracelets)

If you like any of the jewellery, then please email me at sallymir007@googlemail.com with your order number and I will send you an invoice through Paypal. First come first served.

1) Kashmiri Silver Bracelet - N108 - £5

                                 2) Tibetean Magnetic Cats Eye Bracelet/Necklace - N106 - £4.50

 3) Tibetean Magnetic Multi-colour Bracelet/Necklace - N108 -£ 4.50

 4) Tibetean Colours Bracelet - N113 - £4.50

5) Deep Shimmers Bracelet - N109 - £2.50 for one or £4 for two.

6) Crimson Face Bracelet - N107 - £3.50

7) Cats Eyes Bracelet - N105 - £3.50

8) Aqua Stone Bracelet - N108 - £4.00

9) Kashmiri Wedding Bangles (small) - N101 - £3 for 2

10) Tibetean Wedding Bangles (Small) N102 - £3 for 2.

There will be more earrings, necklaces and earrings up shortly


Monday, 25 April 2011

My top perfumes!

"As perfume doth remain in the folds where it hath lain, 
So the thought of you, 
Remaining deeply folded in my brain, Will not leave me, 
All things leave me
You remain..." Arthur Symons

I've been asked to do a blog on my favourite perfumes. I really don't profess to know the ins and outs of the perfumist's 'floral' vocabulary but I will attempt to describe it in my own layman like way. You will see that next to each perfume I've given it my own description in italics which may compensate for my limited description(!)

1) L'eau d'Issey by Issey Miyake - 'the best friend'

I have described Issey Miyake as 'the best friend' because this really is a classic and crisp perfume. Although it translates to 'Issey's Water' - this has a perfect balance of citrusy coolness without overstepping into the sickly sweet spectrum. The latter category seem to saturate the perfume market which allows Issey Miyake to stand head and shoulders above its counterparts. The misted glass bottle certainly emphasises its chilled image!

2) Princess, Vera Wang - 'the blonde bling bombshell
Pretty, blonde and bling is all I think when I smell this perfume. Of course, the heart shaped bottle's beautiful engraving and cap (gold ring with amethyst like studs) prompts me towards this fabulous image. Princess has a floral and musk scent which becomes more fruity as the day goes on. As I've already mentioned above, I'm not a fan of sickly sweet perfumes but I make an exception to this one.

3) Rose, Paul Smith - 'the best kept secret'

I have only recently used this and I loved it. Another floral fruity fragance but one with great lasting-effect. I think the bottle is a bit of a let down even if it does comply with the minimalist look.  Most 'floral rose' perfumes can be too strong and overpowering but Paul Smith has developed a perfect balance of rose teamed with cool florals which could be my signature scent! It also has one of the best long-lasting rates out of all the perfumes, I have used.

4) Dreams, Anna Sui - 'the girl next door'
This scent has rich, warm and wintry undertones to it as soon as you spray it, with a powerful vanilla scent running through it. The whole range of Anna Sui bottles are funky and modern with the blue glass handbag being my favourite. This is definintely an everday perfume which always starts me off in the right mood.

So what's your favourite perfume?

SallySarah x

Saturday, 16 April 2011

L'espoir d'Avril

"A photographer who made a picture from a splendid moment, an accidental pose of someone or a beautiful scene, is the finder of a treasure ...."
Robert Doisneau
Cafe Noir, Doisneau

Friday, 1 April 2011

New month - new purchases ?

It's a new month and a new season. This month I want to:-

1) stock up on Benefit High Beam
 I initally got this as a gift from a friend but it has become a staple in my make up collection to add a bit of shimmer. It's also spurred me on to more luminscent products that give a real spring/summer glow without looking too glittery. At the moment, I am a major fan of Benefit!

2) purchase Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain
Although 'lip stain' never sounds appealing, I am willing to make an exception to this rule based on the hype surrounding it within the blogging world. I love the fact it is a lip balm as well as a tint (see can't bear to use the word stain). I love the unique line name 'Just Bitten' which really gives it that raw vibe feel and/or maybe a cheeky link to the Twilight fans out there! I want all the colours.

3) attack my craft
I am going to have a craft day this weekend which includes a visit to Paperchase and 'the Art shop' in the city. Right now, I feel like my creativity has come surging back so watch this space for what I am up to. I want to be inspired and be surrounded by all such things. If you have any ideas for my latest jewellery products, please do let me know.

4)  cleanse my soul
I am crying out for a major de-clutter in order to cleanse everything that falls in my way...which ultimately means one thing...make room for more purchases. Before any of that is possible, I need to make room and buy some storage so a trip to Ikea is well overdue!

I am sure I have loads more things to do that don't reflect my shallow existence but hey ho....!

SallySarah x

Saturday, 19 March 2011

March Buys and Gifts

This month is quickly coming to a close and I already have some of my favuorites lined up, possibly because it was my birthday and friends and family were ever so generous (thank you!!!!!!!!!!).
1) Ted Baker watch 

I believe the colour is 'ox-blood' which is a beautifully crude descriptive combination. The buckle also has the TB embellishment and it's the tiny minute almost unnoticed detail which makes this my favourite of the month! Every time I wear it, I appreciate the many intricacies in the  TB design. I really am going to keep an eye out for this label over the next few months because they seem to have come out of their lull of depressing and boring styles and are really pushing the boat out in terms of colour, style, design and overall look! Well done Teddy!

2) Jo Malone - Red roses

To be honest, I am still making my mind up about this perfume. I love how simple the packaging and design is...it probably compensates for the perfume which is quite strong considering it's made from very natural (roses and water) products. Everyone raves about Jo Malone - I don't know what it is but I don't see the appeal straight away.
On the one hand, the smell is self-explanatory - rosewater! but to me that should be a sweet simple smell. It's not - it's quite tangy and very strong. I like the more neutral smells so I can load it on without worrying about smelling like John Lewis beauty on a Saturday afternoon!
Having said that, this still has a freshness about it that most perfumes lack so perhaps this is more of an acquired appreciation.

3) Pink Purse

I get purse and bag boredom quite easily so absolutely love this purse which was a birthday present from @chutchygoodness. Sadly it has now replaced the trusted Radley coin purse! Sorry! but....i was getting frustrated at how tiny my Radley was!

The stitching is curved so well but the design is my favourite with plenty of pockets and I love the clasps which remind me of my grandmother's purses! There is plenty of room for everything and anything - the inside has lots of compartments for my cards, cash and coins! Plus @chutchygoodness left a trusted lucky coin in there!

4) Tunics

I am really loving tunic tops with skinny jeans / pants. I love this and have started corsaging my own tops! I think if you get the right style they can be really flattering and pretty, this one certainly is! Although i've been called humbug and a zebra several times!

Thanks for reading....
SallySarah x

Saturday, 12 March 2011

QI Stress Relief Serum - Rituals

You will remember I hauled in a couple of trusted (new to beauty blogging world) friends to do some reviews for me. 

Well here is the debut review of the Irish Rose

Qi Stress Relief Serum

When it comes to stress relief remedies and potions I think it’s safe to say I'm somewhat of a cynic. In my mind it’s the action of massaging your temples, neck, or whatever else rather than the hocus pocus potions that give the sense of relieving stress. However, always willing to give new things a try I embraced the opportunity of testing Rituals Qi stress relief serum. Could it be magic?

The serum comes in a simple mint green box, the packaging embraces the pure and neutral colour and design which appears throughout the Rituals range. This in itself promotes the peaceful and simple ethos of the Rituals brand.

Rituals say the Qi serum “cools and relaxes you at moments of stress and tiredness”. The serum is made from a combination of nourishing Yi Yi Ren and refreshing Chinese peppermint.

Yi yi ren, also known as coix seeds or Job's tears, comes from Fujian, Hebei and Liaoning provinces in China. It tastes sweet and has cooling properties. It is recommended for the treatment of pain and stiffness in limbs, relieving stress and tension.

Studies have shown the positive effect of peppermint. It is said to enhance concentration and strengthen our resistance to stress and frustration. In my opinion, the fragrant peppermint is the highlight of the product. The scent is invigorating and on massaging the temples with it, it offers a rather warm tingling sensation causing you to feel more alert.

I wouldn’t recommend using the Qi serum at night to help relax and relieve your stresses. Instead of a dreamy peaceful sleep, you will suddenly feel revived and refreshed and you are ready to rule the world as the peppermint begins to work its magic! Unfortunately I learnt this the hard way!

I do not believe Rituals have discovered a magical stress relief potion, however I do believe the refreshing scent helps to revive you in a mid afternoon slump!

Irish Rose x

Sunday, 6 March 2011

February Purchases

2011 so far...(February)

Although 2011 started off nice and slow, I feel like I've just not stopped since and I know things are going to get busier and crazier. Having said that, I couldn't keep going without treating myself to a few things which makes it all so worthwhile. Latest buys this month are:-

1) Harajuku Lovers BABY perfume

When it comes to perfume.... I have completely run dry. So a few Sundays ago we decided to do lunch (Wagamamas) and then go perfume shopping. I don't understand how you can perfume shop for too long -  my olfactory senses become numb,  everything smells the same and I seem to smell of a nasty concoction of everything in the shop...but this time, I was decisive and totally influenced by colours and the packagaing as well as the smell!  I'd like to think the Japanese style lunch and choice of perfume are related and the reason for me buying Harajuku Lover's Baby Fragrance.

Harajuku is so named after the area surrounding the Harajuku station in Tokyo, where the Japanese youth gather embracing a vivid and diverse non-conformist dress sense  including gothic, comsmopolitan and the burlesque but all with a twist! It is because of this bold fashion revolution that Harajuku is considered one of the top fashion cities in the country and it's definitely one to watch out for globally.The perfume line is endorsed by Gwen Stefani who certainly steps outside of the norm and gives the brand's revenue the publicity it will need to succeed.

So meet Harajuku Baby...I was totally sold by the doll to be honest but the perfume is very subtle - floral but also fruity - I swear I can smell pears half way through the day wearing it! I'm not a fan of sweet perfumes but this one is definitely a winner! It costs £22 at Superdrug stores but I'm sure you can get good bargains online.

2) MUA

New brand alert: I thought I would sample the newest MUA(Make up artist) range which was on offer. Their branding is simple MUA and not daring in any way. They're not trying to blow us way with intricate designs and creative tones - just simple products at very reasonable prices.

I bought 3 nail polishes (shades 10, 11 and 15 - copper, silver and rich pink), a creme eyeshadow, blusher, bronzer, mascara, eye liner and a soft pink lipgloss!  I am QUIETLY impressed with most of their things. Do we automatically judge them  because their starting prices were all at £1. I did but the products are decent (some more so than others).

1) The lipgloss definitely is one of the best I have ever used. It's a lovely subtle colour (light pink) but really pumps your lips and lasts an age!!
2) Eyeshadow - disappointed as the contents had all broken before I had even got home - despite that I still attempted application - but it is very difficult to do when you're working with broken pieces...
3) Blusher (rose pink) - I am impressed. It lasts all day!!!! and doesn't take a lot to have a noticeable effect.
4) Bronzer - works in almost the opposite way - it doesn't blend in very well and you can't do a minimal touch up with it. It's either TANNED LEATHER LOOK or nothing at all!
5) Nail polishes - these are so cute in little 6.7ml bottles. I love the colours and the application is smooth without any problem. They did start to chip after a couple of days but they do the job.
6) Eyeliner - is great - I have used a couple of application and they are all consistently good. Plus it's not a nightmare taking it off of an evening. I'm still holding my breath on this one to see how long before it starts going dry or not doing what I want.
7) Mascara - nothing to write home about but it does the job if you are going for an uber-minimal kind of look!

On the whole, I am highly impressed with their range of colours and the products themselves. I would probably avoid the mascara, bronzer and possibly even eyeshadows...but....I am most definitely going to re-purchase the lip glosses and nail polishes.

3) Fruit, Water & Fresh Air
I don't care what all these brands profess to do to your skin - NOTHING will work better than plenty of vitamins and anit-oxidants and Mother's Nature. I have noticed the difference in days if not weeks. Although I'm lucky to have pretty (non-acne/spotty) skin, you can see instantly results by investing in Mother Nature. My boyfriend took this picture recently which is when I noticed it. I had suffered from dry skin near my forehead and sides of nose and this picture certainly shows how much it has cleared.

Thanks for reading...

Sallysarah x

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Nails Nails Nails


Do you feel more powerful with polished nails? OK...neither do I but a few of you have asked me to do a mini nail polish blog. So I have done a quick BRAND review and SNAPSHOT view after one application of a very random selection from my collection.

Quick BRAND review

Nails Inc - I am impressed with Nails Inc as a whole - their brushes allow the application to be really smooth. The polish consistency is perfectly balanced avoiding splodges, streaks and clumps, which I often fail to do, with other brands. I love the names (jermyn street, montrose palace) which gives them an edge to buying more than just a nail polish. Definitely on the higher end of the pricing scale but I've picked all my collection up, in sales and online.

Barry M - right up my street. There are loads of colours (including the LOUD mint green to softer pastel colorus). I am never disappointed with their collection and love the gold caps! Reasonably priced and always on offer.

Boots No 7 - so far disappointed. The colours always look wonderful but need more than one application to come close to what the bottle shows. I also think the polish consistency is imperfect causing streaks, lumps and just general mess around nail! I'm usually impressed with their make up collection so I have hope this is their own work in progress.

Naturals Collection - fantastic little buys for the price and a bonus they are fair trade compliant. The polish consistencies aren't perfect (can be a bit cloggy) but will do and last fairly long before drying out. They offer a wide variety of colours including some colours that I haven't seen with other ranges.


1) Nails Inc - Drury Lane(Coral)  

This is a beautiful colour and looks really pretty as a  set. It certainly sets a spring/summer mood regardless of the weather.

2) Barry M Nail Paint - Pink, Limited Edition 030

 I am wearing this right now!. It's possibly one of my favourites at the moment as it's not too loud (for the office) but still adds a bit of colour to an outfit and my day!

3) Revlon Deep Pink
A classic colour and definitely a great brand. Application is perfect.

4) Marks and Spencer, Dusty Apricot 

Not a big fan of the application as it can be a bit streaky but
I love the subtle colour and this definitely gets a prize for
having the best name 'dusty apricot' - tick!

5) Barry M - Mint Green 006
  We all have vices and this is mine.Yes it's loud but it's so refreshing...I definitely get looks/shocks of horror when I wear this but my nails my colours!

6) Natural Collection - Topaz

 Simple and sublte, with a slight shimmer. So easy to apply too.

 7) No 7 Totally Teal 115

I am not a fan of this particular polish it comes out quite runny 
and it takes a number of applications before you see a decent colour. 
I was hoping for as rich a green as the bottle colour but no luck.

 8) Nails Inc - Jermyn Street
This is my favourite Nails inc polish to date.
I adore this very unique colour that only NI seem to have perfected.

So what are your favourite nail polishes or do you have a preferred brand?

Thanks for reading

SallySarah x