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Saturday, 12 March 2011

QI Stress Relief Serum - Rituals

You will remember I hauled in a couple of trusted (new to beauty blogging world) friends to do some reviews for me. 

Well here is the debut review of the Irish Rose

Qi Stress Relief Serum

When it comes to stress relief remedies and potions I think it’s safe to say I'm somewhat of a cynic. In my mind it’s the action of massaging your temples, neck, or whatever else rather than the hocus pocus potions that give the sense of relieving stress. However, always willing to give new things a try I embraced the opportunity of testing Rituals Qi stress relief serum. Could it be magic?

The serum comes in a simple mint green box, the packaging embraces the pure and neutral colour and design which appears throughout the Rituals range. This in itself promotes the peaceful and simple ethos of the Rituals brand.

Rituals say the Qi serum “cools and relaxes you at moments of stress and tiredness”. The serum is made from a combination of nourishing Yi Yi Ren and refreshing Chinese peppermint.

Yi yi ren, also known as coix seeds or Job's tears, comes from Fujian, Hebei and Liaoning provinces in China. It tastes sweet and has cooling properties. It is recommended for the treatment of pain and stiffness in limbs, relieving stress and tension.

Studies have shown the positive effect of peppermint. It is said to enhance concentration and strengthen our resistance to stress and frustration. In my opinion, the fragrant peppermint is the highlight of the product. The scent is invigorating and on massaging the temples with it, it offers a rather warm tingling sensation causing you to feel more alert.

I wouldn’t recommend using the Qi serum at night to help relax and relieve your stresses. Instead of a dreamy peaceful sleep, you will suddenly feel revived and refreshed and you are ready to rule the world as the peppermint begins to work its magic! Unfortunately I learnt this the hard way!

I do not believe Rituals have discovered a magical stress relief potion, however I do believe the refreshing scent helps to revive you in a mid afternoon slump!

Irish Rose x

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