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Saturday, 19 March 2011

March Buys and Gifts

This month is quickly coming to a close and I already have some of my favuorites lined up, possibly because it was my birthday and friends and family were ever so generous (thank you!!!!!!!!!!).
1) Ted Baker watch 

I believe the colour is 'ox-blood' which is a beautifully crude descriptive combination. The buckle also has the TB embellishment and it's the tiny minute almost unnoticed detail which makes this my favourite of the month! Every time I wear it, I appreciate the many intricacies in the  TB design. I really am going to keep an eye out for this label over the next few months because they seem to have come out of their lull of depressing and boring styles and are really pushing the boat out in terms of colour, style, design and overall look! Well done Teddy!

2) Jo Malone - Red roses

To be honest, I am still making my mind up about this perfume. I love how simple the packaging and design is...it probably compensates for the perfume which is quite strong considering it's made from very natural (roses and water) products. Everyone raves about Jo Malone - I don't know what it is but I don't see the appeal straight away.
On the one hand, the smell is self-explanatory - rosewater! but to me that should be a sweet simple smell. It's not - it's quite tangy and very strong. I like the more neutral smells so I can load it on without worrying about smelling like John Lewis beauty on a Saturday afternoon!
Having said that, this still has a freshness about it that most perfumes lack so perhaps this is more of an acquired appreciation.

3) Pink Purse

I get purse and bag boredom quite easily so absolutely love this purse which was a birthday present from @chutchygoodness. Sadly it has now replaced the trusted Radley coin purse! Sorry! but....i was getting frustrated at how tiny my Radley was!

The stitching is curved so well but the design is my favourite with plenty of pockets and I love the clasps which remind me of my grandmother's purses! There is plenty of room for everything and anything - the inside has lots of compartments for my cards, cash and coins! Plus @chutchygoodness left a trusted lucky coin in there!

4) Tunics

I am really loving tunic tops with skinny jeans / pants. I love this and have started corsaging my own tops! I think if you get the right style they can be really flattering and pretty, this one certainly is! Although i've been called humbug and a zebra several times!

Thanks for reading....
SallySarah x

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