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Friday, 1 April 2011

New month - new purchases ?

It's a new month and a new season. This month I want to:-

1) stock up on Benefit High Beam
 I initally got this as a gift from a friend but it has become a staple in my make up collection to add a bit of shimmer. It's also spurred me on to more luminscent products that give a real spring/summer glow without looking too glittery. At the moment, I am a major fan of Benefit!

2) purchase Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain
Although 'lip stain' never sounds appealing, I am willing to make an exception to this rule based on the hype surrounding it within the blogging world. I love the fact it is a lip balm as well as a tint (see can't bear to use the word stain). I love the unique line name 'Just Bitten' which really gives it that raw vibe feel and/or maybe a cheeky link to the Twilight fans out there! I want all the colours.

3) attack my craft
I am going to have a craft day this weekend which includes a visit to Paperchase and 'the Art shop' in the city. Right now, I feel like my creativity has come surging back so watch this space for what I am up to. I want to be inspired and be surrounded by all such things. If you have any ideas for my latest jewellery products, please do let me know.

4)  cleanse my soul
I am crying out for a major de-clutter in order to cleanse everything that falls in my way...which ultimately means one thing...make room for more purchases. Before any of that is possible, I need to make room and buy some storage so a trip to Ikea is well overdue!

I am sure I have loads more things to do that don't reflect my shallow existence but hey ho....!

SallySarah x

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