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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Veet rule the consumer's world?

Wax strips

Whenever I go to any local superstore or chemist in search of wax strips, one brand that occupies the majority of the shelves is VEET.

VEET is dominates the market in this field and rightly so. The packaging is attractive, girly and makes waxing look a painless task! They have also a variety of products - strips, cream, mousse, and tub and spatula! The products themselves are excellent not just because they work but there are active ingredients such as aloe vera that ensure the skin is still protected despite the abrasive rubbing and stripping. They also smell girly which probably makes the whole experience seem less painful.

My only criticism of the veet products is their price. They stay and remain at the higher end of the pricing metre. But of course, they can 'afford' that discretion because there is no real competition to challenge them to a game of price wars.
Tonight, I was in asda (my local supermarket) and went to pick up the veet facial strips, as per the norm when I noticed a cheaper pack called silkia for half the price. As a result of my musings above, I opted for the cheaper mysterious pack instead.

The packaging is simple with a mid-air shot of a feather creating that silky smooth and more pertinently light painless feel about them.

One of my gripes with the veet strips is the loose strip that lies around whilst you use the first part, which picks up fibres and sticks to you or the floor rendering it useless. Silkia have one patterned strip and the other a plain. The former being folded at the edges whilst u strip away!
The strips contain geranium oil and are also brandished with the logo and directions for peeling and come in a cute plastic wallet! Instead of wipes for after care, they provide a sachet of aloe vera cream which is far more effective than the oily wipes veet provide.
Silkia have really thought about the presentation and practicality of the product which gives it a big thumbs up from me! From a consumer's view, there is nothing wrong with a little competition.

Have you tried silkia or any other wax product - if so what are your thoughts?

Sallysarah x

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